The No-Fuss, Convenient Approach to Cleansing

Leading a hectic life can get heavy, especially with all the processed meat and fast food we stuff our bodies with. Maybe you’re considering to enroll in a detox program, or haven’t thought about it yet, but you might want to read on and learn more about this no-fuss juice approach to cleansing.

Why cleanse? Cleansing has a two way benefit– removing toxins and improving absorption of nutrients. Why cleanse with juice? Taking in liquids is easier for the body than digesting solids. It rehydrates, making you drink more liquid than you probably usually do.

Juju Cleanse makes fresh, organic juices that are ready-to-drink and they deliver them right at your doorstep. “We press and deliver daily.”, owner Kat shares. Juices are delivered in an insulated bag you can easily bring around. The juices are enough to keep you full and to keep you nourished so that you would not have to crave solid food throughout the day. They are made with fruits, veggies, vitamins among many others.

Juju Cleanse also offers different cleanse levels to accommodate us who are new to this cleansing concept. Learn more about how to prepare for a cleanse by checking out their website.

PRICE Juju Cleanse juices range between PhP 300/solo-bottle to PhP 2500/cleanse kit. 

They offer 3 different sizes, to try and accommodate all budgets. 

HOW TO ENROLL Juju Cleanse sells online and deliver the juices door to door. Here is their order form

250mL bottles are available ala carte at the Juju Eats, G/F BCS Building, 2297 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Makati City.

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Juju Cleanse, you desrve it!

Photo Credits: Juju Cleanse